Fort Douglas 3 Million Gallon Storage Tank


About the Project

Salt Lake City Public Utilities Department owns and operates the Fort Douglas Tank, which provides drinking water and fire protection storage for the north end of the East Bench High Pressure Zone.

The existing Fort Douglas Tank has a stated capacity of 1 million gallons (MG). During periods of peak summer demand, the existing tank cycles through its storage capacity two or more times daily. The city determined that an additional new 3 MG storage tank would be needed to meet the current and future water demands for the city. The new 3 MG storage tank is currently under construction and located adjacent to the existing 1 MG tank.

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Excavation for the tank is complete and the concrete pour and forming of the tank has begun.


Please stay clear of construction areas and follow all posted designation trail signs. 

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The existing and proposed tank is located on US Forest Service land. The necessary environmental documentation and approvals between Salt Lake City and the US Forest Service for the proposed tank project are complete. 


Consistent with the City's  core values, the new Fort Douglas Tank Project is designed with an eye to sustainability. Construction materials were selected to maximize tank design life and to minimize maintenance and energy use.

Landscape and trail restoration efforts include measures to improve drainage, stabilize and mitigate erosion, and restore native vegetation. 



Project Hotline: 800-679-1582

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Project Schedule

Construction Schedule


January 2021 - Summer 2022  (Tank Construction)


Summer 2022 (Paving and Landscape Restoration)


Construction Hours:   7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Work Days: Monday - Friday  (No work on weekends)

Note: Schedule is subject to change due to weather or materials availability.